Your 4 Step Customer Audit Plan


When I first started out in business a very, very long time ago, like many of us, I simply was grateful for anyone who would buy from me.  Anyone.  At all.  To make a sale & justify all the time & effort I was putting in to trying to get things off the ground was satisfying, quantifying & I won’t lie, looking at money coming in to my bank account rather than just going out was satisfying too.

And then time moves on, your business grows, your offering changes, and you effectively move your business into second, third & fourth gear, and before you know it, you’ve flipped the overdrive switch (google that) and you are cruising in the outside lane & it’s happy days.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!  (If you really think running a business works like that, then you really do need to talk to me)

The reality is less simple.  The reality is that your business moves on, your business grows in fits & starts, sometimes taking one step forward for every two backwards/to the side/in a circle, missing a gear change and occasionally stalling all together.  All of this is OK.  All of this is fixable if you want it to be.

But your toxic customers aren’t.  They won’t fix themselves -  that’s down to you, and the thing is – you might not want to.

Shocker I know.

So what is a ‘toxic customer’ for your business?  There is no simple off the cuff answer to this really as everyones business is different, but to try and simplify it as much as I can, they are the ones that make you miserable.

  • The ones that make you groan out loud when you see their number pop up on your phone.
  • The ones that make you drop your head in your hands when you see their email pop in your inbox.
  • The ones that simply drain all the joy out of your day when they contact you.
  • They are the ones you want to push under a bus.

They are, in fact, your personal business dementors.

And you need to get rid of them.

And I have this course to help you do just that.  This is my 4 step plan that I came up with to help get me out of the toxic client situation, and I’ve been using it ever since – because it works. 

So if you have clients who make you feel like all the joy has been sucked out of your world when they contact you, you need this. 

Grab yours now.

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